Update Version 1.02 - Patch 1

It's been a while since there have been any updates for this project.
Now it is time to make some changes to that.

To start off, a patch for the current version that solves some issues regarding the current version.
This fix is thanks to a user called "Nox Eternal", a user that has reported multiple bugs.

If you have any issues with the Kit, please send me an email to info@low-scope.com

Changelog 1.02 - Patch 1

Changed settings on event: On Time DaySet "Dispatch Last State On Add" to true.
Code changes for Input SystemFixed issue that made it possible to use your tool when touching UI Elements.
Code changes for Time System.Several functions did not do a new day check.
Also refactored parts of the script
Fixed issues in DayCountDownListenerThe DayCountDownListener would not always update the current day properly.
This caused crops to revert to the previous day.
Fixed issue with WeatherDirtTileSetterFixed issue that allowed watered ground to reset to dry land upon save/load
Fixed issue with Time SystemDispatch for Time Events were not reset, meaning old dates were
passed upon reloading the game
Added functionality to ScriptableEventMade it possible to reset any events that dispatch on add.
This fixes an issue where the last dispatched parameters got send again
when reloading the save game through the main menu.


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Mar 27, 2019

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